5 Years



Or maybe I should entitle this ” Loss of a Loved One.”

Either way 5 years ago I lost my best friend, I didnt even know or appreciate how much he met to me untill he was gone. I guess that puts truth to that song “on and on you seem to go but you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Its so true. His life and death taught me some awesome lessons over they years, like the ones you always hear… ‘never take people for granted,’ ‘always be kind, you never know what someone is going thru,’ and the one I  hear the most; ‘all things occur for a reason.’ Which don’t Get me wrong all those things are true but not a one of those things can bring a person back or the joy you felt when u had that person in your life.


I recently read a article of a woman who lost her husband in a car accident she said the best thing someone ever told her was that “life won’t be as sweet as it once was, now u will be living a different kind of life but it can still be a great life. I apperciated that because he wasnt trying to tell her everything will be ok or things will go back to normal but he was trying to tell her to embrace her new normal, and make it the best new normal as she can. There is lost of wisdom out there to be attained but dont wait until  someone dies to start searching for it. In life we tend to live in or own worlds, our cozy life styles and never think tragedy can strike me. I never prepared myself for loss because I never thought about it. I never looked at my dearest, closest, strongest, wisest, more then a friend, friend and thought, ok, lets prepare for when you die. Never. I guess what I’m trying to say is we go through life, form our characters, become who we want to be or put all this effort in becoming who we want to be. We make relationships, some lasting, some coming and going. We are imprtant to some people, Some people will never forget us when they’ve met us. We have something to say, share, do or be. Then in a moment, in an instant you go from being someone that somebody gave birth to, who reared you up, gave all of themselves or what they new how. We grow up and work on being the best person we can be, to simply not exsisting anymore. Except in someones memory… This post was inspired by a dear friend of mind who lost her husband just 3 short months ago,  she asked me “is it possible to temporarily forget about him just so that I can make it through?  I had to tell her I’m so sorry…. but no. I told her, but eventually and this is how it is for me now 5 years in,


“The best part of him will be remembering him.”

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    1. Thank Rob for sharing. Yes, this post is about my brother, I remember after he passed a comment was made will things ever go back to normal? As I thought about it I realized we can’t go back but we can embrace our new normal. Sorry for your loss, but I hope you find new enlightenment.

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  1. Actually, REMEMBERING them makes it easier to “move on”. Yes, it will be hard and it will hurt, but being able to remember them is what will get you through the dark times. Their smile, their jokes, their warm embrace…

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