This Year….

Every year we do this reflection thing, looking back on where we were at the beginning of this year and where we are now. Are we where we hoped or wanted to be? Maybe we end up reflecting on this year as a disappointment that we didn’t get accomplished the things we set out to do at the beginning of the year.

I never usually  set any “new year resolutions” simply because I know I will never keep them. (I have always sucked at setting and sticking to goals. But that, I am determined  to change.)  I prefer to approach life like, why wait till the new year to resolute? Change tomorrow morning starting at 8am.

I used to stay in the funk of oh nothing special is going on in my life… life sucks…all that self deprecating language. But this year I found out that it’s me who can change my life. Instead of waiting for life to start. I can start  living.

This year I learned…

  1. That I create me own reality. If there is anything I want I have, to more toward it. I can’t just wait for it to come to me or the right timing. Because the right time will never come. Want something new well work toward it. However you decide to approach it, work toward it. Go for it.
  2. Stop waiting for life to start. Life is already going and it will pass you by if you don’t claim it. Live it, everyday is a choice. I saw an inspiring quote on Pinterest that said “You will have to keep reminding yourself what you want and why change is nessesary… in spite of your resistance and you, yes, you will have to keep choosing everyday and every moment – to move forward to your fulfilling future.” I’m not sure who it was but that says everything you need to know about living… it’s a choice.
  3. Its ok to let go… it’s ok to let go of control. It’s ok to let go of fears and anxieties. It’s ok to let go of people who don’t serve you. It’s ok to let go of selfishness and when you have stripped youself down of all your self serving tendancys you are still you. You will always be the you, you were ment to be. Maybe even a better version, a beautiful surprise of yourself. Surrender resistance.
  4. I am a goal setter. I never used to think I was and in all my resistance like I said earlier I persevered and became someone who set an intention out into the world and actually started doing things moving and shaking off bad habits, and making changes and overcoming self doubt. (Hench me actually publishing the things I’m writing. Go me!) And believing that can and I’m worth it. I only got it after 34 years but better late then never right? I know, it’s not that late in life but think of if I got this at 24 or 14 what life would be like now… Yeah your right, I am thankful for where I’m at, and my journey that got me here.
  5. Even thought I got hit with the biggest test of my whole life this year, I survived it. I learned that I am tough and I am a survivor. Getting terribly ill my life hanging in the balance. Three major surgeries, a stroke and a partridge in a pear tree. Here I am, doing what I love. Recovering, and still looking to better myself always. I’m one who can say once u have hit bottom  the only way to go from there is up.

2 thoughts on “This Year….

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  1. Each year, I usually cannot figure out what I learned. I feel like each year, I learn the importance of going outside my comfort zone, something I am learning during my years at GW. Usually I can’t tell what I learned each year

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    1. I believe we are always learning wheather you recognize it or not. We are always being influenced by other, our environment etc. I guess I just know some parts of me are different then they were previously…That’s how I can tell if I learned something. And other times, I set out to purposely learn the lesson in things I’m going through. So, if that can help you at all figure out what you have learned at any given time, then that’s a win for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be what all you have learned in the year.
      Thanks for commenting. Have an amazing day.


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