Why did she leave?

This week, my boss quit. To much drama she said to many politics! She was just done. Funny thing is I can respect that if she felt she needed to go well I wasn’t going to stand in her way not this time. 

Yes, she was one if those who threatened to quit time and time again, and us the coworkers would try to convince her to stay… And she would and life would go on as normal. But this time, she got some balls and just walked away.

Was the job really that bad I ask myself? Was it so terrible that you have to make that much of a statement as walking away or shaking things up a bit. The conclusion I came to after thinking about it for days, is that it sure can be that bad. It can be that bad because we ourselves make it that bad.

I watch my boss (let’s call her Annabel) get so worked up over things. Things she couldn’t control and could control. I saw her stress over the antisipation of something bad taking place because of a mistake she or I or one of our coworkers made. She would talk about what’s going to occur and freak out about it as if it already took place. And she would convince herself these things would come and guess what? Those things surely came.

Annabel’s run of being the supervisor, was rough. It was everything you would think of when it comes to drama and politics with in our job. She was wrongly accused and picked on and manipulated. She was devalued, judged, lied to. But on the other hand she would also fudge the truth, she judged others…all the friggen time. Annabel knew all to well how to maneuver to get people to do what she wanted she to was a master manipulator. Her behavior and her actions were being mirrored back to her, but sadly she couldn’t take what she was dishing out. True story.

Karma tells you that whatever you put out you will receive back. Annabel was for me a real life example of that. In law of attraction we are taught to act like you already have whatever it is you want and the universe picks it up and serves that behavior or that action bringing you more of whatever your acting. If you act wealthy you attacked more wealth. But it goes both ways if you act like a victim  you will attrack victimization. If your always acting out the worst case scenario, opportunities are the worst case scenario will come.

I struggled to understand in my own life, where when things would for wrong or I would get disrespected, how I was attracting that. Until I read a book by James Allen. Called “As A Man Thinketh.” He wrote that if you are anxious  or worrying that vibe is what your are sending out into the world. Even if you know you are worth better treatment than what you get. If all your energy is put into anticipating being disrespected by worrying about it, that’s all you would get is disrespect. 

Let me put it this way, if you want money but every time you go to your mail box you say to yourself I bet it’s just bills. Or I wonder what bills I have today. Or oh I’m expecting my phone bill any day now… If you constantly only expect bills your just gonna get bills. Don’t get me wrong, of course if you use electricity your gonna have to pay for it, yes. But in life if you put more energy into expecting money. Or what we do want. Why wouldn’t you get more of that? If what we dont want comes so easily. What will come of we change our mindset?

If Annabel changed her mindset and behavior? Would she still be my boss? I guess I’ll  never know. But I did learn a valuable lesson in it all. That is to be mindful of what I  focus my energy on. A big part of how we lead our lives is in how we think and how we act. 

“It’s up to me to choose daily to practice integrity”


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