Hindsight is Twenty/Twenty 


Girl! the grass is not greener on any other side. So just water the grass you’ve got.

I don’t know how many of you are like me, who spent the majority of your life looking for joy somewhere else. Like as if, If you lived somewhere else you would be more content, or if had more friends you would enjoy life more. I could really kick myself for always reaching for greener grasses somewhere else, instead of counting the blessings of where I was currently.

But I have learned that the past is in the past, what’s done is done. Now that I have realized that I don’t have to live a wontonous life and that I can make my own green grasses. It’s all with in me to lead the life I want. And I can have it.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point. And it’s still not easy. I have to make the choice to do better everyday and my motivation… is my strong desire not to be who and where I used to be. There is an old African proverbs that says “The back [the past] is important to remember, in order to right ( not write but right or correct) that which is before you.”

In Ecclesiastes, the Patriarch Qoheleth chronicled all he had done and experienced concluding that, nothing is more important then right now, the present. Nothing has as much power as this moment. So, consider what are you doing with yourself in this moment. 

I realised that life or living is about learning and growing, and becoming and doing better. Expanding and experiencing. Knowing and becoming educated. I revel in what I learn, and thrive in doing better. 

So, if there’s any wisdom I could impart to my younger self is to tell her. Slow down, girl, there is so much to know.

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