Let’s get Deeper

Ok, I watch alot of YouTube. I admit. But it’s not usually all the crap that floats around out there. I try to stay on the authentic and motivational path. Where ideas are shared and insight and intuition is articulated. And there are some pretty descent channels out there that spark my hunger to be inspired.

So, I came across one particular young woman who is just unapologetically herself and she shares her journey to becoming her best self on YouTube. She talked about how some times conversation can be some what daunting with friends, she wanted to be inspired, uplifted and talk about the deep stuff. I liked what she was saying because that is the reality we live in, where there is alot of focus on the superficial. Whereas there is so much more to be discussed.

Especially as women. Don’t get me wrong I am interested in the latest beauty produces, my friends and I have had long conversations about if the name of our nail polish color suits it and what we would name it. But, I also want to know. What’s inside of people. What are you reading currently and how does it resonate with you?

What is a thought or idea that has shifted your life’s journey for better or worse in the last 2 months? And what are you doing about it? If there was one thing you thought the world needed more of, to make it an easier place to live in what would that be? What can or have you done as an individual to start living that way?

I started this blog because like to have these deeper  conversations. In a way I get to talk about the deeper stuff, the stuff that cultivates the mind,  makes you think and maybe even change a little. And those who are interested can read it if they want. A like or a comment makes my day too… so go ahead wink!…wink!… 

I was talking to my brother, a person whom (and I maybe bias) I think is pretty wise beyond his years. He was telling me… because I just got promoted at work to a management position. That we as “leaders” have the ability to inspire people in away that not only will they want to do better at there job, but they will enjoy doing better. It is by us in incorporating 5 things into our leadership qualities. 

 Creative, Honest, Self-Aware, and Humble. We talked for hours on each topic. Which is a whole nother blog post.  But if there is one Ideas or thought that shifted my life or my belief system this year, this conversation was defiantly one of them.

So, go ahead share in the comments below what’s some deep conversation that you have had lately? Let’s chat.

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