I’m still very analog

I bought some new pens this week, it’s funny how I still get so excited over “the old pen and paper.” There are five different colours and I sat and wrote a short story out with each colour. I kind of had to laugh at myself, because in this amazing age of technology, I can write with my phone or my laptop and even my tablet. But it still excites me to put pen to paper.

I have been writing since I could pick up and pencil. I have kept a diary as long as I can remember. I remember when I was about preteenage (this was before the internet was in homes, muchless everyones back pocket.) I was having a really hard day. My mother crawled into my bed with me. As mothers do to comfort her little daughters. But the other half of my, mind you, twin size bed was covered in pens and notebooks. All my mother said was “Humm, a writer’s bed.” For some reason that statement made me feel better.

Yes, pen and paper don’t have the same advantages as our devices do, like I find myself safely tucking away my phone or laptop, where they go on my desk at the end of the day. Or being very particular not to spill my drink on a keyboard. Where as paper has not be at such and advantage in my care. Admittedly, I have ruined a handwritten essay or too. But on any given day I still will chose the trusty parchment.

 I don’t see myself as a “writer” its not like I write for the New York Times or anything like that. I may not be very great at it. Hell, I didn’t pay much attention in my English classes. But its just something I have always loved to do. Its something I’m passionate about.

But more then that I’m passionate about the sound a pen makes when it scratches across paper. Watching the ink seep out onto the page. Brain detached from hand and your mind miles away. But the sweetest part is when you come to and see the progress you’ve made. Filling up a page or two or three. Strangely satisfying.

So, I think that makes me still pretty analogy. Don’t get me wrong I very much appreciate this digital age. But just like nothing can ever replace the sun. For me there’s nothing quit like my old trusty pen and paper.

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  1. It’s painful when mothers are right – my mum’s favourite statement is “don’t worry about what you can’t change”. It’s sound advice I just can’t seem to follow

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    1. I used to be the same way, in my family I was known as the worry wart, and my mother used to tell me the same thing…did it ever stop me from worrying? Nope.
      But I have learned to let go. Absolutely let go of control. Literally think or do something else that takes your mind off the worry. It doesn’t work once, this is going to have to become a way of life and soon you will automatically be able to switch that worry off and switch on a better interest.
      As for mum’s being right and there advice…that’s still one I’m working on too, but if I could be so bold as to say listen to your mother… I’d say listen to your mother. Haha
      Thanks for the commenting, hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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