Slow Down

Spraining your neck and computer work are two evils that join forces. They each attack in there own unfriendly way. Even though one’s caused by the other, there can never be a peaceful harmony between them.
This week has been jam packed, trying to keep life afloat. Then, on top of that this seering pain shoots through my neck as if to say slow down you none super human!
Trying to balance life, work, and self care has been the biggest challenge for me for 2018, and we ain’t even a month in yet. Some mocking nemesis thought it would be funny to throw everything at me at once. Or maybe it’s my lesson to learn to slow down, not take everything on. After all I’m supposed to be training a new staff, I need to let go of control and let them do some work.
Its been a hard lesson to learn, but part of showing myself care, is managing my stress levels. Slowing down is key. Don’t try to get everything done at once, tomorrow is another day, just breath, everything is going to be ok.
I have found that self talk to be an integral part of my mental health. I wrote before that it’s all it how we talk to over selves. Being aware of what we are telling ourselves upon waking and before falling asleep. I at times, literally have to scream EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!!! in my head before it will stop worrying, or agonizing over things. I have tried watching those thoughts go by, like some say observe them and let them go by. For me, it’s a question of if I believe that thought is gone. Because they can pop up again when I’m not even aware. That realise, is why awareness is so key, taking the time to slow down and be aware of what’s going on inside. Ask what you are feeling questions, get to the root of why you are feeling this way and tell it, it will be ok. I can belive that, because it has been ok in the end. 


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  1. When you find your mind racing with thoughts & you’re too busy to even’s time to meditate. Meditation is a perfect reminder that we should live in the present moment & to be calm no matter what. 🙂

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