Dear Me,

It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks. But I found my footing in it all. I had a long deep conversation with family about change and getting on track. I feel like I’m all ways trying to get back on track. And I am, but I just have to embrace it. I have mentioned this quote before but “you have to choose to get on track everyday.” So if you feel like your always redirecting your self then that’s a wonderful thing. 

My beef with it was that I am ready for making better choices in life to be second nature to me by now. But after the conversation I had. It will, but its ok, because great things take time. I started to revisit meditation. Stilling myself, listening to my thoughts, bring myself into the present and reminding myself to take it one moment at a time. And it has really helped.

I see myself not trying to conquer the world all at once. But just doing one thing at a time. I am prioritizing better and fulfilling to do lists like a boss. GO ME! Sometimes I feel like a greater force has kicked in propelling me to get stuff done. And if so… well, thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can only ever do your best at whatever you decide to do. And when I say do your best. It’s not to say cop out, half ass, and say that was your best. Your best is giving it everything that is in you. Not to your breaking point, but to a medium where there is no shadow of a doubt that you have fulfilled what was required of you and if it is with in your means, defiantly go above and beyond. But, self love, I learned is listening to that bell that goes off inside you and says ok that’s enough. Stop when you need to stop. Because tomorrow is another day.  And if tomorrow never comes be ok knowing that it wasn’t ment to be.

So Dear me, getting back on track is not easy. But there sure is a lot to learn along the ride.


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