100 Thanks

Some days I can’t get out of bed. On those days I grab  my laptop or my phone and I do one of two thing I start writing or I start reading. Before I know it I’m laughing or very intrigued or inspired, whatever it is unbeknownst to me I find my feet on the ground and I’m getting up, getting ready for that day.

I didn’t have any idea the community that I would encounter on wordpress. I just love to write and I have ideas floating around in my head constantly. Sometimes it’s hard to find the confidence to press the publish button. But I’m so glad I did finally. I honestly though no on would read my posts. But you all are amazing people who leave me amazing feedback that encourages me to keep posting…even when I don’t think anyone will read.

My goal is to post more regularly. I fall in and out of momentum. But I still love writing, despite what’s going on in life. I woke up to this a couple mornings ago. And I just shook my head in amazement.  It’s these kinds of little achievements that give me motivation. So 100 thank you’s! To my readers, for all your likes and support and for stopping by to read. You made my morning!

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