Don’t  Worry About Anything.

Philippians 4:6

“Be anxious about nothing…”

All my life I have been a worry wort. I worried about everything. I am giving it an honest 100% effort to stop worrying but something you have been doing since birth is one of the hardest things to let go of. I will be getting into some steps that have helped me lately in a moment. But, first I wanted to give you some insight into my addiction to worry.

Today my sister in law and I where talking about spirituality and gemstones. I mentioned that I wanted a Hyalite stone. It’s a nice stone to help with self-confidence. It’s  essentially the sister to the Opal and has many other uplifting qualities. Anyway, she turned around and looked at me and said “I always thought about you as a confident person! Why do you think you need help in the confident arena?” I told her that I am confident in my convictions but most of the time I have that little voice inside that will make me second guess myself, that voice constantly worries about the consequences of everything I do, every decision I make, and every decision I don’t make.

When I was a little girl, I had to go to the doctors and get blood drawn every 6 months. (I was very anemic) I remember as soon as my mother and I got the hospital I would start crying because I hated needles. I would cry the whole way from the entrance to the elevator the whole way to the doctors office. They thought maybe I had no pain tolerance, and even put me through pain tolerance therapy. But it wasn’t the pain. I had two older brothers who would rough me up a little bit. I knew about pain. I realize now as an adult that it was the anticipation of the needle and at that age, I couldn’t fathom  why somebody would deliberately hurt you, prick into your skin and take your blood. Think about it from a four year olds perspective. Pretty traumatizing right? Well, I would start worring that thought from the moment we pulled up to the hospital, all the way ’till I got my prick. Then I’d get a Flintstone bandaid and that would dry those tears right up. Hickup…hickup..

That was my earliest memory of being a worrier not warrior, wo-rri-er. So cripplingly worried before the thing I was worried about even occurred. Now, I am a firm believer in that whatever you dwell on that thing will take place. It’s only been recently I really learned that even anticipation of the worse case scenario can make that exact outcome come into your reality.

So what is the solution?

If we consider that our thought lead to feelings and our feelings lead to action, then we would move to change our thinking right? Well, let me be the one to tell you that it is easier said then done. Earlier  I said I was addicted to worrying. Think about this scenario.

I bought a new a/c unit because my other one was the kind that you have to get naked and stand right in front of to cool down. I bought it with my own money, installed it by myself, even made sure it was the energy saving kind. But someone tell me why after all that, the first 3 days I couldn’t even enjoy it?  (Retorical question here) I worried that my landlord would come and take it away. He’d I’m sure come up with some reason why it’s out of regulations. Completely irrational concern, but yes, I did that to myself. When I woke to the inner dialogue I was having. I said WTF!

That’s when I realized I had to get a hold on this worry thing. Thats when I realized that I was addicted to worry. So what did I do. I did research. I googled ‘how to stop worrying,’ I got books, I watched endless YouTube vids on it. I finally came up with a process  which works pretty darn well for me.

  1. Say out loud; Let It Go. If you have to break into full on Frozen soundtrack by all means, whatever it takes to let it go… do it.
  2. Think of all the times you worried about other stuff, (this also work for fears) and how none of your worries we even valid now. You survived it and you don’t have to worry about it today do you? On the other side of this, you won’t even be able to muster up the worry for it. So why don’t we start now.
  3. Remind yourself to be thankful that you are in this unique situation because you will never experience this exact thing this exact way again. Thank your blessed stars everyday!
  4. And last but not least…Affirm your current state of being as your desired state of being. Example; hey girl, there’s no reason to worry here because I am safe. Or use what ever word suits your situation. But use an ‘I am’ statement, affirmation to change your mind state.
  5. Allow your self a little victory; feel the freedom of letting worry go and live in it for a minute. Really feel it and be your biggest cheerleader! Laugh out loud if you have to. Don’t  worry everyone is a little crazy.

And that’s it, watch that worry waltz right out the door. It really doesn’t stop there, I have to choose to send worry a-packin’ every minute of every day. But it’s do-able, and I am so much more free when I can make that right choice.

How do you overcome your worries? Leave a comment below. Tell me how you felt when you could finally let go?

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