That Badass book

This morning I finished reading the book, You Are A Badass; How to stop doubting your Greatness and start living and awesome life! By Jen Sincero.  I have to say I really appreciate this book and I am going to read it again. I love the plain language Jen Sincero uses to get the point to you. She hits the nail on the head about of alot of the self talk or verbiage (as she calls it,) that we have with ourselves constantly, that makes us stop our own selves from becoming our greatest versions. Jen gives practical solutions on how to change our thoughts, showing vividly where thoughts can lead you if unchecked. 

I learned something I never knew before about the ego. I would always think to my self that I didn’t have much of an ego, I didn’t think very highly of myself. I always thought the ego was the conceited, arrogant, touchy part of a person that if you didn’t tread lightly, you could easily hurt it. While that perspective is not entirely wrong that is not all the ego is. The ego is the thing that stops you from going after the things you want. The ego is the self doubt that maybe you are not enough. When in actuality we deserve everything we want. The ego exsists in our limiting belives, in our fears, worries, and in our actionless procrastination. Commonly it is evolved from the things we were thought as a child that; were to difficult, not for us, or “impossible” to obtain. The ego works together with the part if the brain that protects us at all cost from hurt or harm. Especially taking scary risks even if it will benefit us on the other side of it.

This is a book based on the Law of Attraction. But it is not described as some fluffy none attainable thing. Jen shows how asking and believing you will recieve what you asked for is a powerful tool in creating the life you want. Changing your thoughts to those of gratitude and faith, she says is the “holy moldy” of attaining the life you desire. Faith is that unwaverying belief that what you want is out there ready for you to recieve it and start living it. You just have to go for it with the certainty that you will recieve it. She give steps on how to remain in a high vibration which keeps you in a manifesting and receiving mode. Gratitude and finding the positive in every moment, even the not so wonderful moments is paramount in manifesting your dreams.

Jen Sincero in this book talked about fear, I love  that she shared the story of how she stood face to face with fear and was able to choose not to let it take hold of her. That is essentially how she faced her fears in life. By saying I have had fear before, basically, and I’m still alive so I will survive this too. And so much more like  I said, I really desire to read this book again and grab hold old some of the finer details. This is definatly one of those books that when you finish reading it or if many of you are like me you may have already taken action before the end of the book. But it leaves you eager to begin the changes you want to see in your life. 

I have read my fair share of self help books and one main thing that stuck out to me that was never clearly addressed in any of these books was the how. The practical application of how to make the changes I wanted to. Especially when dealing with the realm of the law of attraction and the concept of ask, believe , and receive. But out of the majority of books, videos, etc. that I have read or seen I never found something that goes fine toothly (yes, I just made up that word) and explains the how. 

How you ask… well asking is easy. But how do you believe. Especially how do you believe something that you have been programmed from birth to see as unattainable and it’s like it is not for you. The first ever law of attraction book told me to after I ask, in order to believe I needed to take massive action. Then I watched a documentary that said just really believe it and feel it, don’t work too hard. That a basketball team dwelled on the belief that they were a top performing team. As opposed to physically practising, and they ended up winning all there games. While great for them, it was hard for me to believe in myself. I didn’t understand just how to take action. This book helped me realise that believing was surrendering giving up this control freak called the ego. Quieting my mind to find the answer with in me, and keep aski till i get an answer. Also, taking action may or may not be a big task. I needed to learn how to let go release my desires to the source of all manifesting power and let that Power take care of the rest. 

I definitely recommend  this book to anyone looking to make massive change in there lives. So check it out. If you have already read this book tell me what you thought of it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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