What Do You Do when Your Not Writing?

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While I agree that it is important to take well deserved breaks step away from somethings in life once in a while, recharge, reset, get re-inspired. For me when I’m not writing…. I am writing.

I am often journaling thoughts or jotting down notes of something new I’m learning or from a book I am reading, so…. I find that I am always writing. I really get inspiration first thing of a morning when I write out stream of consciousness. I have heard it called miracle morning and also morning pages but the premise is write down 3 pages worth of the first thoughts you have the moment you wake up. It is helpful in so many ways. It helps to get shit off of your chest. Weather it be drama from the previous day that keeps playing over in your mind or something else that has been weighing heavily on your chest.

Stream of consciousness writing is just like that best friend that you can verbally vomit all your stuff out to and tell them all the goary dets without judgement. Sometimes just being able to do that is enough to heal you. I have read about some people using this technic to helping them let go of there resistance to attaining there wants and desires.

I personally have used it in all of the above scenarios. One of my major goals this year is to overcome my fears. That effing f word, Fear. Two things that have really actually helped me progress past being a fearful, worry wort is writing stream of consciousness first thing in the morning and these little tips that Nudge me back into being present.

I haven’t yet felt writer’s burn out yet. But I do listen to myself if I don’t feel like writing I don’t, although that has been rear. And what do I do in those rear moments you might be asking? Well, I read something that is going to edify my mind or I watch videos that I can learn from or listen to a inspirational podcast. In which I often times end up reaping notes and ideas for writing from. I listen to lots of Ted Talk Radio which has lot to glean from and yes, I’m a nerd, and yes, it’s cool.

If your like me who rearly get to go on vaca and you work all the time. But also love to write. I say just do it. Do it as much as you want and when you don’t feel like it just don’t. Comment down below and let me know what you do when your not writing.

Thanks for reading.

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