Keep On Pressing On

Photo credit: Kayle Kaupanger- unsplash

There are times where thoughts get into your head and they some times prohibit you form pushing toward you goals. Weather it be comparison or those nasty self depricating thoughts of; shit, I’m not enough. What do we do when we have those thoughts? Why do we so naturally just want to give up? It’s the obvious solution right?

What would the outcome be if you just pressed on, you didn’t look to the right nor to the left but just kept going. Even in feeling sorry for yourself, even in the midst of not really feeling like you still wanna do what you set out to do. What if you just kept right on going?

Ask yourself what is it truly that is standing in your way? Because I can pretty much guarantee it’s y.o.u! Get out of your own way and go get it. Don’t let it get away, go after it and get it while it’s there for the getting. You may lose some votes, but you weren’t put here to live up to any other persons expectations. You were put here to be and live authentically and unapologetically you. Not everyone will like it, and some will. Don’t look for outside validation anyway. Validate yourself because you are doing what you love. And you are pushing on.

I heard a wonderful quote by an amazing speaker Abiola Abrams that said” self love is not only pampering yourself but it’s being aware of what are you putting into yourself, so that when your are squeezed, what is it that will comes out.” Life can really serve up some hard knocks but it’s all in where you look at it from. A place of knowing and understanding that this was brought here to serve you to evolve you, to grow you. Or you can look at this from a place of feeling victimized. What did I do to deserve this.

Make the intention to push passed resistance, push passed inadequacy, push passed you sorry sad ego and be great do great and keep on pressing on. Fall so in love with what your doing that no matter what others say or do or no matter if you feel like giving up you will still do it simply because you love it.

Keep pressing on and watch the love for what your persueing grow.

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