Gratitude Does Work

Jessica Castro-unsplash

Write down 10 things every night before you go to bed, or every morning when you wake up, that you are thankful for. Whatever change you are looking for in your life will begin to take fruition. Trust me, the sceptic, it works.

I read it every where. I see “be thankful” quotes on the tab of my tea bags these days. I never thought anything of it. Or at least I never thought the active application of acknowledging the things I could be thankful for would indeed improve my life and experiences, but it does.

Literally, “I am thankful for the cool breeze.” Even “I am thankful for miss placing my keys.” The thing is it will automatically get you to thinking how you can improve the aspects of your life you can control. What lesson did I learn for the whole miss placed key ordeal, and why am I now thankful for that experience? Well it taught me to be more mindful and aware of where I lay stuff down, and next time I can have one central location for important stuff like car keys. Quality of life improves instantly (Mic drop).

When it can be understood how things work it’s easier to see the significance in practicing it. If I’m thankful for even the superfillious things like the fake flowers set in the corner of my office, because they add colour to the area. That is a positive thought regardless. That sets off the momentum for more postive thinking. Try it you will find more and more to be grateful for.

Of course it is widely known that what you put out you will receive it back. Call it karma, or Law of Attraction. However you look at it we are energetic beings and so is our universe. So yes, the energy you emit is the energy you receive. In short.

I realized gratitude is something everyone loves to receive. So why wouldn’t the coming and going energy’s we emit? So when we show gratitude with a positive attitude, well the old saying goes “you attract more bees with honey, than with vinegar.” Right? So excuse me while I go write down my gratitude list.

“Always giving Thanks for all things…”

Ephesians 5:20

There will also come situations in life that we cannot control. Even in those times I have practiced saying “I am so thankful for the best possible outcome.” That statement has never failed me. The outcome mostly plays out in results that I can live with. Maybe not always what I wanted, but defiantly always what’s best for me. Just saying that sentence has helped my anxiety and fear of the unknown. because I guess it just puts me at a better place, or vibration, or frequency, where I can handle disappointment better. Not even seeing it as disappointment but more like an opportunity to learn, grow and do better.After all isn’t that what life is all about learning, growing and doing better? Perfecting the art of living and thankfulness, trust me is a great start for those ready to start seeing change.

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