Appreciation is Akin to Love

I heard this statement, Appreciation is Akin to Love on a Ted Talk I was listening to about Emotions. It was talking about how the brain registers appreciation in the same sector as love. So, if they are emotionally expressed the same way, then letting love in shouldn’t be as hard as we make it.

Appreciate: is to recognize the full worth of.

If we look at self love as, appreciating the things that make you, you and me, me. Would we find it easier to love ourselves? And what about allowing ourselves to be loved. If we could start appreciating the little things that other do for us. Could we accept love into our lives more effortlessly.

I get to work with someone who is absolutely the opposite of me, or so I think. This person is drama driven and I love my peace. All week I was being told “oh man, you’ve got so and so, Yicks!” And just really not being very positive about this person coming in to work with us. But I determined in my mind that everything was gonna be ok, and dispite all the commentary I worked on letting it go and letting whatever will be, be.

To my pleasant surprise this person actually has many qualities I can appreciate. She’s funny, eager to learn, and pick up quickly, smart and efficient. I may have at one point thought she was very different from me but come to find out we have alot of similarities. And maybe even the not so glamorous stuff, is a reflection of me, or something I need to work on. But I can appreciate that as well, that it develops you as a person.

But, I can say in this moment that I can look at this situation with appreciation. Everything that comes to you is to serve you. If stopping to appreciate the moments like this, can be healing and self loving then you can find worth in every struggle.

Photo credit: @alex_elle instagram

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