31 day challenge

This month I set the goal for myself to do a post a day. Today is the 20th day of this month and this will be my 20th post for March. I didn’t want to make the commitment official until I saw my self actually doing it. This is not my first 30 day challenge I have completed many others but this one was important to me. To help me to shape my blog into a place of learning, enlightenment and growth. I want to inspire others that yes, you can realistically have a better life and this is how I am navigating through it.

Along my journey I have made connections with many of you, fellow bloggers who are on a similar roads. Some of us write because we want to, some because we have to and some because of all of the above.

For many years I have been saying I wanted to start a blog just because I love writing and sharing my ideas, but I never did it. Late last years a purposed that I was going to do it. No matter what. And I did, and I am so glad I did.

I want to say Thank You! For all you likes and comments. Your feedback has been an incredible experiance. It has changed me into being able to believe in my ability to write and work on improving everyday. Your stories have been so encouraging there is something about knowing that your not the only on with certain struggles, that so many of us are going through or have gone through the same things. Most of you use the same medium to figure it out. It’s exciting and uplifting and it’s kind of like having a place in this world.

I have every intention of continuing on and finishing this challenge I put before myself. I hope you stay along for the journey!

Thanks again for reading.

Photo credit: Hanny Naibaho -unsplash
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Photo credit: Emily Marie -unsplash

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