Wait no more…

Don’t be stuck in a state of wanting it. Or you will always be wanting and waiting, wait no more.

I have been wanting to write and epic post about letting go, I have been waiting for the inspiration to hit just right. But, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I just need to write it. The paragraph above are the first words that came to me when I woke up I grabbed my pen a wrote it down before it left me and abruptly as it came.

Letting go has been this phenomenon to me, because all my life I have been the one who tried to rangle life down and try to steer it in the direction I wanted it to go. Like it was a wild bull in a China shop. But the thing about the wild bull is that it always gets away and being around all that China makes me very anxious.

Not having that strangle hold control over my life has been the source of my anxiety for as long as I can remember. My go to phrase is always “why aren’t things working out for me for once.” If you ever try using the law of attraction technic you know you can ask for your desired goal, have faith that the universe heard your request, take the necessary action toward achieving that goal , but also let go. Much like when you have lost your keys and you are searching frantically for them the moment you let go and stop searching and stop worrying and stop stressing that’s when you will find them. My draw back is the searching and stressing and worrying is what I do best. And now I am being told I have to let that go? Now how exactly do I do that?

Letting go has so many levels. It’s about freeing my mind and freeing control, but it’s also about gratitude and acceptance. Being ok with your current state of being so much so that if the desired outcome does or doesn’t come, you will be content either way. Similar to, when you stopped looking for your keys on some level you found acceptance for what was taking place and you were preparing yourself to be ok with the outcome. But, against all odds those keys still ended up coming to you, you walk right to them, they ended up being found.

So, you have set your intentions and set goals to achieve what you desire, and you find yourself holding your breath waiting for that thing to come. You know that saying don’t hold your breath? Like they are saying don’t hold your breath about it because it’s probably not going to turn out how you want it. Well in this scenario it is the complete opposite. Yes, don’t hold your breath about it, but just watch and see it will come to fruition. Enough of that waiting with baited breath.

Allow, because you are so deserving. If your like me you may have to put your focus else where. Find something you love doing and delve into that. But more then that, do more in daily life that makes you enjoy life, that makes you not feel like you have to control everything but just enjoy what is. Kind of a stop and smell the roses idea, this will put you in a place of acceptance and allowing.

And in the same way gratitude opens the door to the things you can appreciate about life. Being grateful for what you do have and everything you experience, knowing that you are doing what you are suposed to be doing and you are where you are supposed to be in this moment and being truly grateful for that will change your life automatically, it just will. Check out my previous post on Gratitude found here about how it really does work.

I know I still have a ways to go I have only scratched the surface of the process of letting go, but I know that if you start the ball to rolling and trust the process, greater things are bound to come.

If you have any more tips and tricks on how to let go, please comment down below I always love input and shared ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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