“For my strength is made perfect in weakness”

In life sometimes you can feel doubtful of what’s next. Especially when you have put in all this work and nothing seems to be coming to fruition. Feeling alone and not being heard in all of your struggles. It can be hard to believe, when you’ve felt stagnant like your just treading water and not getting anywhere, but all that effort, all that pushing and pulling was wearing you down.

Maybe in weakness you find yourself dwelling on the things that were out of your control and feeling like you couldn’t muster up the ability to find something to be grateful for. Drowning in the feeling that everything that was going on was exactly what you didn’t want. Thinking you might break, thinking you might fall completely apart.

Even when you feel like giving up, sometimes when you are at your worse that’s when you are made your best. I was here. And my strength was renewed when I realized that nothing is that important. Now, that may seem like such a flippant statement, but the stresses of life are not worth your peace of mind. The things we resist or try to force only go right when we let go.

A wise woman once told me “don’t try to figure things out, that’s not important. What’s important is how you react, and how your perceiving it. Just play with this idea because if you don’t find a way to just let it go and let things flow as they may you are bound to become frustrated. And, don’t seek in unnecessary approval in the things you do, just do it with love. Love doesn’t seek it’s own advantage.”

What she said was so valuable, this is part of taking care of yourself. In becoming self aware, you can take care of others. My boss and I were trying to troubleshoot a problem in our network. I remembered all that I was told, to let go of all the stress, worry and anxiety. I did my best to deal with a cool head and just flowed with it. Later after the problem got solved. She texted me and said.

“Just to let you know…You are handling this so wonderfully…an example for me to follow.”

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