For our learning

You know one of those things you know to be true but you never fully realize it or appreciate it for its benefits? That's the realization I have had more recently. I have always known that our emotions are there for us to learn from but not to the depth of the understanding I know... Continue Reading →


Ask your self what is your intention for your life? Yes, we all want to live a well lived life. So, what does that well lived live feel like? What feeling does this well lived life give you? For many, many years I have had this one goal. I have always thought if I had... Continue Reading →

Every Oppertunity is yours

It is always in our ability to do better. To make better choices. Constantly every minute of every day we are faced with choice. It is the choices that we make that makes the difference. There have been times when I've run into justifying the thought that I had no options. But really if I'm... Continue Reading →

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