Every Oppertunity is yours

It is always in our ability to do better. To make better choices. Constantly every minute of every day we are faced with choice. It is the choices that we make that makes the difference. There have been times when I’ve run into justifying the thought that I had no options. But really if I’m honest with myself, I always had a choice.

But realizing the power of choice is the biggest part of making better choices. Be careful, meaning be mindful, meaning be present. Make decisions now that will be beneficial in the long run. It is much easier to change a bad habit when you are aware of your actions. Than of you are on autopilot. The amazing thing about the brain is that it defaults to practised behavior aka habits. So to totally get ride of old habits you will have to constantly choose to form and practise new habits.

Don’t be foolish in squandering the time you have. If you knew to make healthy life choices while you were young, would you have had more time living your best life? My answer to that is it’s never to late. I lost a loved one when they were only 30 years old. But I know that this person lived their best life. You never know when your time is. So, while your time still is make it count.

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