Ask your self what is your intention for your life? Yes, we all want to live a well lived life. So, what does that well lived live feel like? What feeling does this well lived life give you?

For many, many years I have had this one goal. I have always thought if I had this one thing I could live my best life. But, I never stopped to ask myself what does my best life feel like? And when I did ask myself this question, I realized that I wanted this one goal for very different reasons then what I though.

I made myself believe I needed this one thing to feel fulfilled. I feel like I held myself hostage from ever feeling fulfilled because I didn’t have this one thing. I convinced myself that this one thing would bring me safety, stability, belonging, abundance, freedom. But, at the same time I was apprehensive about wanting this one thing because it could also bring me the exact opposite.

If I’m truly honest with myself I am safe, I have stability in my life, and all of the above. I just never allowed myself to appreciate it coming in other ways then this one goal. So then, what is it that I am lacking what is it that makes me feel like I needed this one goal if I can recognize places in my life were I already have the things I thought I wanted?

I had to re-ask myself, what do I want to be? (what does what I want to be feel like?) What do I want my life to be like? (feel like?) What feelings are most desirable to me? When I recognised that actually I have all things I thought I wanted. And gave myself permitting to let go of the strangle hold I had on the one goal. I realized the feeling that I wanted most in life was to feel important.

Without sounding arrogant, or haughty. I own that my greatest desire in my life is to feel important. We deprive ourselves of this feeling cause we don’t want to think ourselves to high and mighty. Maybe others have made you feel unimportant, or maybe low self esteem has been the protagonist in your story for as long as you can remember. But take a great look at all that you have accomplished especially the little things. Be honest with our own importance and recognise that every human being is important. It is a basic human necessity to feel important, useful, appreciated, valued.

The beauty in it all is that you don’t have to wait around for someone to make you feel valued or important. I am important to myself, I am my own responsibility, I give myself worth. I look around and see people who seem so important. When in actuality they really give themselves worth. They recognize their strengths and they focus and capitalize on that. They advertise themselves, and have the self assurance that they can follow through with there promises. They don’t doubt themselves because they are important to themselves.

When I realize that I am important, as we are all important then I feel like it is much easier to let go of letting that one goal hold me back. The feeling like I needed it so desperately to truly be who I am ment to be. Knowing now that I am who I am ment to be is the acknowledgement that whereas, it would be nice if I had that one thing, I am very much ok without it. I am full with or without it, and I have so much to be grateful for.

So do more of what makes you feel important, if service to others makes you feel important then be great in what you can do. Don’t try to take somebody else’s role. Just focus on making your role your most important role.

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  1. I’d “Like” this post a million times if I could.
    I really like your thinking. I’m on the same page. Sometimes we think we want something, but it turns out that we can achieve the benefits of that something without actually having it. So like you said – consider why you want what you want. And if you can get it another way, go for it. Don’t limit your happiness because of something unattainable. YOU are responsible for your own happiness and self-worth. Others can help with that, but the main part has to come from within you. Life makes so much more sense once you figure that out.

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  2. Exactly! I am so glad you enjoyed this post, and thank you for your kind words. I had an epiphany the day I wrote this and since then life has never been the same
    When you can look thru your own lens and not the lens that others have curated for you just like you said, life makes so much more sense. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


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