Me Again Margaret…

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I feel like I owe an explanation for being away for a month.

We all do it, step away from something we love for a little while before it becomes a chore and come back with a fresh perspective.

I think, my absences here has been a true testament to what my blog is about.

I have taken this passed month to realign, readjust and reset myself, my goals, my dreams, my aspirations and were I am going in life.

I would like to embark on the continued learn, grow, and blog about it endeavor by kicking off a 30 day challenge to simplify my life.

I have been learning alot about minimalism, not that I am becoming a minimalist but I am very interested in decluttering and simplifying my life and most of all live a more intentional life.

I intend to follow a YouTuber called @muchelleb and her 30 days to simplify your life challenge. Check it out. Her videos are very thought provoking and inspiring. As I follow each daily goal I will blog about it and my experiance.

My desire is to write down what I did and the effect it had on me, in hopes that my experiance might inspire others to look into living life more intentionally and productively there will be lots of questions and lists to write and most importantly lots to learn.

This August join me in this new journey to self discovery. Like, comment, follow…And all that great stuff!

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