Day 1 Declutter Clothing

Today starts out with a bang! One of the most daunting areas of my life is my clothing. The premise is to take clothes out of its usual spot and put it in one location. Based off of the KonMari Method as written by Marie Kondo the Japanese author of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. She shows that everything around us has a certian energy, so in the end what we want to be left with is only the items in our life that sparks joy.

Through out this journey I will literally have to ask myself does this items bring me joy? Along with other guiding questions that you can customize to you, but basically the point is to get to does this actually bring me joy?

My advice to anyone who is embarking on simplifying your life is to not think about it just do it. If I really stopped to think about what all I own I might rather not do this. Then I will revert to the same rut that got me buried in stuff to begin with. So let’s stop thinking and start doing.

After relocating my clothing from my closets, cupboards, drawers, other storage areas, etc. Yes every where. They all came to the resting place on my bed. I categorized my cloths by tops, bottoms, jackets/coats, dresses, underware, bags, yes bags and accessories are apart of this too, event specific cloths and shoes. One by one I made 3 piles. To go, to stay and maybe, and of course I used my guiding questions.

  1. Does this spark joy?
  2. Will I actually where this?
  3. Have I worn it recently?
  4. And does it suit my personal or desired style?

If I answered no to any of these questions, I let that item go. This becomes a key phrase for me as I get on in my decluttering journey and begins to mean something completely different but very important. More on that later.

The maybe pile ended up being revisited a few times today, but in the end I was ruthless, and without regret I gave all that maybe stuff to my sister in law who is now enjoying new -to- her pieces in her wardrobe.

In the end I was left with a sustainable woredrobe, no excess and mounds of clothing on the floor that I am to embarrassed to number. So we just won’t. Those are piled as well. A donate pile, a give to friends and family pile, a “I bet I could sell this” pile, and a totally gone, don’t know why I held on to these, go straight to the trash, not fit to ware pile. In the book referenced above it says don’t wait get on to getting these piles gone asap.

Part 2 of this process is to put everything away where it belongs in a way that I can see what I have. This process was the fun part for me. The ease and simplicity of not having to cram, push, shove my things back in place. Drawers closed with ease, there is space in my closet and everything I see I love, this is the best feeling in the world!

How I felt once I was done and what I learned:

Well besides being exhausted the whole process took me all day, 6 hours to be exact.

But, I felt great and a sense of relief. Tapping into the ability to be completely and ruthlessly honest with myself was something I rarely did but am pumped and motivated to do more. It gave me a new sense of reality, I don’t know if it was that I was to scared to let go before or what, but letting go is so freeing. In this process I had many thoughts and epiphanies.

I thought about my new found ability to relinquish control in my life. That rigid I don’t know why I am even trying to control this situation control. That type of control became something I now desired with all my intent to start letting go of. It’s easy like getting rid of my brothers hand me down sweater I have been holding on to for 8 years. It’s not fit to ware so why do I still have it? Maybe sentimental but I have other things that I will keep that are more meaningful.

Just like that, new thoughts and new perspectives where just flowing into my experiance. It defiantly has begun to change my life and this is only day one.

Can’t wait to see what day 2 holds.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Google.

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