Day 2 Decluttering My Books…

When it comes to books I have a few. It has only been recently like in the last five years recently, that I started accumulating books. I have some that I have only read once and haven’t had the desire to read again, and others that I have picked up again but, I don’t think I would pick those books back up again.

When I was turning 30, I went through this quarter life crisis where I didn’t think I did a whole lot of young adulting. Being so focused on careering and pleasing others I didn’t do much to please myself. So, I went on this buying nail polish and one YA rom-sci-fi book every week kick. Feeding my inner “I’m still young but I’m also an adult and have my own money to do what I want” needs.

Now, I’m in my 30’s and in a totally different head space then I was back then. I still love me a great nail lacquer, but as for the YA rom sci fi books they have permission to go. So lets begin.

I take all my books out of its normal spot. The book shelf , on my desk, under my desk , the kitchen cupboard, the top shelf in the closet. Relocate them to the floor infront of my book shelf. Then I ask myself a set of new guiding questions.

1. Does this interest me anymore?

2. Do I get anything out of this book?

3. Am I just keeping this book to smart?

4. What purpose does this book serve?

If I have answered no to any of these questions then those books have got to go.

As I went through my books I saw the evolution of me. I have my spiritual books which I will keep, but my romance and time travel and sci-fi, dystopian novels can all go to another YA or anuther adult suffering the loss of there YA years. I also had a few memoirs I’ll never read again and made into a movie books that I’m not hurt getting ride of. I’m sure we can all agree though, the books are always much better then the movie by far! The books that I will keep I put back where they belong, and donate the rest.

What I learned in this process:

Today, with decluttering my books, it was for me a glimpse into who I was and who I am becoming. Like I said the evolution or transformation of me. I remember so vividly where I was in life when those books made there debuts in my home and where I was when most of them became furniture and background ascetic. Now they are clutter. I am thankful for them for serving the purpose they served when I needed them, but this is a new chapter. A chapter for me where I no longer am identifying by what all I own. But that the things I own aid me in becoming the version of me that I am ment to be.

This has given me true insight into who I now am.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

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