Day 4 Decluttering Stationary?

Photo credit- Jess Watters Unsplash

If you have read one of my previous post “I’m still very analog.” You know just how much I love my stationary. The old pen to paper well it never gets old for me. I still get lit up when I get new pens, post it notes, etc. If you haven’t read that post, check it out.

Thankfully, I am allowed in this challenge to pick a few areas where I don’t have to be the most minimalist in. Of course I did state previously that being a minimalist isn’t the goal here. Intentional living yes, decluttering and simplifying my life yes. One of the couple of areas where I have chosen not to down size but to keep the what sparks joy is my stationary. No I don’t need ten different brands of highlighters but I would like more of an assortment of colours. *wink*

However, I did Declutter this area and threw away the empty pens and dried of markers. And tape and stickers and post it notes that lost its stick. Finally got around to refilling the more pricey pens I’ve bought, and bought my assorted colours of highlighter. I realized you can live intentionally with in your hobbies and collectables just choose what’s necessary, from what should be discarded and what you can live with out.

Now, when I look at my stationary what I see makes me smile and not cringe. Simplifying your life cam be as simple as making sure there is a home for everything. A sense of organization, to be able to grab a pen and know it has a home to return to. It gives me a more Zen feeling. I have always heard that your surroundings is a direct reflection of what’s going on internally. If you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered and anxious or bothered and you don’t know why start by tidying up your space. It’s therapeutic and you may find more clarity in the end.


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