Day 5 Decutter Electronics

After awhile you must look behind your entertainment system, under your desk, behind your bed and in the back of your closet. All those cords and gadgets, devices and dodad’s that you used while they were popular then deposited them somewhere you and no one else would look for a long time. Well, today we have to look there.

Time again to grab all your electronic and electronically related items ;ie wireless headphones and there chargers, cameras and there lenses and relocate them to one central location. The movables only…clearly do not dismount your flat screen tv and chuck it on your bed…because of course your keeping that right?

Things to consider would be: cameras, old phones, old tablets, cords, USBs hair curler or straightener, electric shavers,camera equipment, old laptops, radios, fans, sewing machine, dvd, cd,records, record player the list goes on and on but you get the idea.

I had one of my desk drawers solely devoted to chargers and cords. How many chargers does one girl need. But, you know there’s always the “this is back up and this is the back up for the back up” conversation with yourself. Let’s get real for a moment… really how many chargers does a girl living alone need?

Again, ask yourself some guiding questions:

  1. Is this necessary?
  2. Does it work?
  3. And really does this bring me joy?

Next step is to discard or sell or declutter this item however you see fit.

What I learned in this process:

Although decluttering devices and electronics can be a no brainer job, unless you were holding on to something for its sentimental value. Such as, one cd my ex bought for me and another one I swiped from my brothers stash years ago. Realizing the space provided by getting rid of unnecessary stuff is the part that makes all this work worth it.

I didn’t realize how valuable making space in my environment was. It made so much space I’m my head and in my heart to now think about and pursue that things I love. Not the physical things. Living more intentionally and asking myself every day if I really need this or not, gave me the power to ask myself if some of the moments I experiance in life are worth it to me or not. By this mindset I have alot more deeper experiences as well as living life more fully . I didn’t realize just how much I needed this challenge not only for my living space, but for me.

Photo credit unsplash

Comment down blow if you are or have gone through and decluttered or simplified your life and what your experiance was. Can you relate?


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