Day 7 Decluttering Social Media

Photo credit rawpixel Unsplash

I low key was really excited for today. After decluttering my phone and really considering the apps I use and don’t use. It made me realize that I waste a lot of time on social media as do we all… let’s be real. The endless scrolling though…

But, I jumped right into today with my guiding questions.

  1. Do I still have interests in the content on this platform?
  2. Who do I really consider a friend I want to follow or follow me?
  3. Am I inspired and motivated by what I have subscribed to or is it just plain gossip and unproductive?

I watched recently, a video about social media and the effects it has on us. It showed that really social media has made us more anti-social, devoid of human connection and interaction. It has a lot more to do also with consumerism then connecting us to one another.

Where it does have it’s advantages like keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world, where it would otherwise be very hard or expensive to casually chat with them. It’s a source of income for many, and also a place for creativity and expression. Social media has, however, change the entire dynamic of how we interact, how we receive validation and I have even heard it explained that we have developed a two brain coping mechanism since the induction of social media. The brain of the person we portray ourselves to be online and the brain of who we are in real life [IRL].

Furthermore, these theories my not apply to everyone, but in the pursuit to live a more intentional life I have reevaluated and reconsidered the benefits of real human face to face interaction, and also my standards of what I choose to expose myself to online. There is also a debate out there about how much data the internet collects about you, so my conclusion weather it is or it isn’t is to be extremely mindful of what I choose to share.

My process for decluttering today, is a compiling of all these facts to consider. What I have learned is that being educated is a very integral part of our daily lives. Choice and intent behind everything we do can either catapult us in the direction of success and fulfillment, and it can also be our kryptonite, destructive and devouring. Making the best choices in this moment knowing that all you really have is this moment is monumental.

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