Day 8 Declutter your Makeup

Note: Any males following this 30day simplify your life challenge, I’d like to extend to you the oppertunity to take this day to declutter your category of choice.

Let’s get right to it. Makeup weather your not a huge makeup person or if you have a love for makeup and buy the newest products as soon as it hits the shelves. Opportunities are you probably need to Declutter your make up.

Makeup expires and dries out, or is no longer to your taste, or completion. Makeup can get nasty, crusty and unhygenic if held on to for far too long. Whatever the case maybe it’s always great to check out what you have and what you really don’t need to keep.

I myself am not the biggest makeup connoisseur. Nevertheless, I have some. Most of which I could get rid of because it’s gotten so old. My day mostly consisted of getting rid of the things that where no longer useable. Palette that broke, I used to really be into pops of colour but it think I have grown out of that, so I passed those along to my nieces. Makeup Declutter day was fairly simple for me today, no attachments no struggles to decide just plain and simple get rid of what I don’t and shouldn’t use.

What I learned in today’s process?

I learned that sometimes, in some areas of my life, I really just held on to things for the look of it. I kinda had to be real with myself and wonder did I hang on to all this makeup that I didn’t use because of the look of it? Did it make me feel more like a woman? Because you know they say women are supposed to “take the longest getting ready.” It only took me long because I had to syfon through the stuff I didn’t use to get to the stuff I did use.

Now that I can get to everything I own with out delay…well, watch out world here I come!

photo credit everygirlboss Unsplash

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