Day 10 Decluttering Your Kitchen

Another one of those daunting tasks, the dreaded kitchen. Que some scary music in the background. Seems like no matter how big or how small a person’s kitchen is…we find a way to cram things, just random things into ever nook and cranny.

We should kick off this task by categorizing everything. By cleaning supplies, appliances, pots, plates, bowls, utensils, cups, glasses, Tupperware, dry food items, no perishables, and refrigerated food items. It would seem logical but instead I just went around my kitchen in a big circle taking one closet and cupboard at a time, chucking everything out on the table top and sorting through it.

Again, with the lingering stuff, things I haven’t reach for in ages. I think today I was feeling particularly throw-outy (if that’s even a word). I was ready to bag everything up and throw it all out. But, I used self-control and went back my guiding questions.

  1. How many of these do I really need?
  2. Do I use this on a regular basis?
  3. Does this bring me joy? And is it practical?

In the end, I got rid of quite a bit, returned items to my mother and other people I have borrowed from, discard, or donated the rest. I even did a little rearranging and organization. Finally putting my life back together and making a home for everything. My kitchen is not particularly big, but there is lots of strange space. Just because there is space it doesn’t mean it has to be filled. I realize that now.

What I learned in this process?

Documenting this challenge as I have gone along. I realize that I have made myself sound like kind of a hoarder. In a sense I was, using things to give me self worth, hiding behide stuff to look like I was a master of that particular thing. No, I wouldn’t have defined myself as a actual hoarder, like I didn’t have mounts newspapers dating back to the 18 hundreds. But my stuff did hold me back, and did define me to a certain extent.

Am I a chef, because I had a pot of every known size? Or am I a fashionista because I had clothing galore? It’s the quality in our experiences that shapes us not the quantity of our possessions. That’s a huge lesson I have learned, and plan to take with me through out the rest of my life.

Photos courtesy of Google

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