Day 9 Declutter Your Products…

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Whether it be hair, skin, nails, teeth the oppertunity to endow ourselves with products galore is impossible and nearly inevidable. There are a couple hundred serums for every inch of the body, and a couple hundred brands to compete with one another.

I am one who doesn’t go with out lotion, I have gone thru my bath and body phases. And tried all different kinds of soaps and scrubs. When I got out on my own, I didn’t used to finish my current tooth paste before I was buying a new fresh breath cavity preventing formula. Not even to mention deodorant and it may be a little unsettling to know how many hair products I have.

When you have kinky coilly hair like I do, It’s a real hunt to find out what products it likes. The down side is even of I attacked this sub-section of products I own, I probably will still have a bunch that I do use. I may have to name my hair products; one of the places I give myself permittion to keep more then a few items.

With every section I have to ask myself my guiding questions;

  1. Does this item spark joy? When I use it does it give me a positive feeling?
  2. How often do I use this? Can someone else benefit for it?
  3. Do I need this many___? Which one works the best? Which one do I love?

TBH, I didn’t end up decluttering a ton. Mostly just the things that were out or running out. But it’s not all bad cuz the things that I have kept actually do make me feel great! That’s the premise of this whole exercise. Intentionally surrounding myself with only the things that make me feel great.

What I learned from this process?

Though I didn’t get ride of alot, I have realized that things do have an actual energy around them. Things that linger in your life that have no real purpose. It’s kind of a metaphor for life. What people, or bad habits, or beliefs, or ideologies do we let linger in our lives that have no real value.

A few days back I had a real breakthrough that changed the whole trajectory of this decluttering challenge for me personally. It was to Declutter those limiting beliefs I had for myself that lingered with in me so deep that I didn’t even realize I haven’t dealt with some things.

When I started this challenge my goal was to reduce the stuff that makes me feel mentally cluttered. And also eradicate the feeling of frustration every time I walked into my personal space. Now, along with all of that there is a healing taking place and new and bright things are coming into my life.

This time I don’t have any control over these changes, they are joyful and painful all at the same time. But the are making me the person that I am ment to be.

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