Day 11 Declutter Decor.

Basically today I took a walk around my space and gathered up anything I would consider decor. I guess it would be different foe everyone. But for me, my decor around my home consisted of plants, candles, picture frames, the cork board in my hallway to my kitchen that has decorative things on in, salt crystal lamp, posters with qoutes on, decorative couch and bed pillows, a tribal African fan I hung over my couch representative of the tribe my parents are from. I have several woven baskets on side tables and bookshelves serving various purposes.

Collecting up what I could and relocating then to one central location, there was really only a few guiding questions I could ask my self. Being that these items are as decor are ment to spark a sense of joy or remembrance of a joyful time or feeling, I asked.

  1. Does this item spark joy?
  2. Do I love it?
  3. Is it functional or spark joyful memories or thoughts?

With the exception of just a few used up candles I got rid of; I was pleased to say, I don’t have much decor but what I do have gives me really great joy.

What I learned in this process?

I learned today that, there are aspects of my life that I have been intentional about. It’s encouraging to know that I haven’t been going about my entire life unconscious. Although it’s only decor. I know now that I have known all along who I am and what truly brings me joy.

Sometimes you look in your life and you see exactly what you have to do to improve your life. But, you never do it, weather it be for lack of motivation, laziness or the complete opposite, too busy-ness. The time just never seems right. But one thing I have learned and know for sure, is if there is something that you have been wanting to do, (like simplifying your life) that will promote you living your best life for the benefit of you and ultimately those around you, then just do it. There’s no better time then now. And you will thank yourself later.

I concluded today by having a little celebration of how awesome it feels to be a bit freer of clutter and this process that I am so thankful I just bit the bullet so to speak and started for myself.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash

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