Day 12 Declutter Your Linen

Summer time may or may not be the best time to declutter this area. Simply because I tend to use less linens at this time of year. Ergo, I might end up tricking my self into getting rid of something I might actually need, because I am not using it at the current moment. Or maybe it’s a beneficial thing to declutter now, because then I won’t give myself the excuse to keep unnecessary pieces based on it being to cold to get rid of it, and I might need it.

I know me, and I know I have used that excuse numerous times and ended up with an excess of things. So, it is official, I have made up my mind. Now is the perfect time to be honest and ruthless with myself and conquer the excess shit in my life.

Previously, I talked about select areas of life that I get to keep as much as I deem nessesary, and that I don’t have to nessesarily “minimize.” The winters here where I live are extraordinarily cold. So, even though I just finish reasoning out why I can let go of the thing I know I will want to keep because of the weather, I am still allowing myself to keep alittle more than what’s practical.

As long as it sparkles joy, it’s right…right?

You may have ask by now; what am I on about? Well I’m going on about my linens. This category consist of not only sheets, pillow cases, shams, bed skirts, duvet covers, baskets, and comforters, and towels, but also throws, sleeping bags, and the down or fleece blankets. Think of all your soft fuzzy things that keep you warm in 17 degrees farinheight.

But I know I have kept a few things that are super old and washed out or have holes and just are down to their last thread so this is in fact an area that I do have to give some attention too. What are my guiding questions?

  1. Does this spark joy?
  2. Is it functional or practical?
  3. Is it just down right time already to just let this go?

I did it, I was ruthless, I let go of some of the softest throws, I have had since forever, that have worn down to its barest bones. That serve no purpose other than nostalgia. Plus a set of sheets that were….let me just say ugly. They were given to me when I first got my own place, they don’t fit my bed or my personal style so they gotta go I never used them anyway.

What I took away from today

What excuses do we make in life as reasons why we hold on to things. Weather we hold on to physical things, people or situations. There may be fears we hold on to due the traumatic experiences. Not that those are so easy to let go of like decluttering your house. But, to live up to your highest potential, if that’s what you want for yourself, it worth it to take the necessary steps and get the necessary help to start making change and break throughs.

I have childhood trama, and really extensive daddy issues. Trust me when I say working through those things are worth evey minute and every penny.

Here is a worthwhile talk to listen to if your considering moving into you greater self.

Photo credit courtesy of unsplash

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