Day 13 Decluttering sentimental items.

A lot can fall under the categories of sentimental items. Be it clothing, shoes, jewelry, cards letters, notes, trinkets, old knitted aphgans that your grandmother made. The Idea of sentimental can be broad and wide. It’s useful to include a question of sentimentality in your guiding questions as you go along with each section of this challenge.

Today is focusing more on that shoe box or tote in the back of your closet where you kept all your photos, awards, cards, letters, school memorabilia, the key chain that once held the key to your first apartment, etc. etc. I have a few box of sentimental things so I know this is gonna take me a while. I may have to ask myself more practical question today like:

  1. Do I really need to hold on to this item?
  2. Does it really serve any purpose in my life now or even who I desire to become?

Because, I truly believe that alot of these things have the potential to be holding me back. I don’t want anything that will hold me back, and I also know that if I ask myself; does this spark joy? Well that’s the thing about sentimental items there whole job to me is to spark a level of joy or wonderful memories.

This task took me about 5 hours to complete I did take some breaks but I was able to put all the pictures I wanted to keep in one photo album, and downsize to just a (not even full) shoe box. I was ruthless today. I am very pleased with myself, and I think I should treat myself to something nice. Online shopping here I come!

What I learned today

In short, I learned today that memories are the one thing no one can take away from you, but even if you’ve had amazing experiance in the past that served it’s purpose at that moment celebrate that you were present and you experiance it to its fullest. It may have even had it’s small part in shaping the person you are today. But it’s also ok to let the past be in the past. Leave it there with appreciate for how it served you. Know that all you have is the now. As Eckhart Tolle say in his book The Power Of Now. You can borrow from the past purposely for lessons concerning you present, but, it shouldn’t be that you live in the past. Embrace the now.

Photos courtesy of Google

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