Day 14 Decluttering Your Categories of Choice

In this particular simplifying your life challenge, there may be an area or several areas where there may not have been an entire day for. Today is the day to think about those areas and devote this day to them. Like for instance the garage, or your car, or you storage area, sheds, patio, junk drawer, cleaning products and tools, bathrooms, the kids play room if you have one of those. Any place that you really know yes, you probably should tackle that area. Today is the day.

My category of choice today is my storage. The four totes stacked up in my front closet taking up all the floor space. I had my eye on these since I started the 30day challenge. Finally, here we are face to face I am glad I stared in order from day 1 until now. It has given me the momentum I need to tackle this yet another daunting task.

These totes are full of random stuff, different hobbies I was into for five minutes and kept because I thought I’d get back into it, like sewing; a sewing machine, another broken one, not sure why I still have that still, lots of random prices of fabric, every sewing tool known to mankind (not really… but, that made you laugh didn’t it?) Buttons, beads, patterns untouched and partially cut out.

Let’s reminisce for a moment; I remember my sewing days those college years I spent blasting Norah Jones in the background when me and my roomies would sew or own denim skirts, making so much noise I’m not sure how anyone could stand us. Yep, those where the days.

The next tote was full of winter gear. Being from snowy Canada, it wasn’t hard to accumulate a few adult snow suits. Snow boots that look like your only goal in life was to conquer the north poll. A full length down jacket “Triple Fat Goose” and some random Novaks gear. There wasn’t much in this tote, only because everything is so big.

The next tote had more randomness, books, notebooks, school binders- full of junk, more photos I completely forgot about, flash back to my teenage bedroom. Oh, here is where my home decor magazines landed, more sentimental items, awards, cooking magazines, dead flash lights. If you wanna know all about my life choose tote number 3. It’s all there.

And…our last tote the one I still reach for now and again. All my games and activities. Twister, clue, a bunch of puzzles another one of those hobbies that lasted only a few short years.

Knowing this category of choice would take until kingdom come. I got prepared. I found a nice cozy place on the floor to relocate everything to put on my cleaning playlist. Water, snacks, and got to work. You know the routine by now. Those guiding question…get them down on paper.

  1. Does this spark joy?
  2. Do I really need this?
  3. Is there any practicality to this?
  4. Why do I want to keep this?
  5. Does this put me down the path of my desired outcome?

You may have to ask yourself all the questions here since this category is so broad. Don’t hesitate just go full steam ahead. If you can’t make up your mind, chuck it in a maybe pile and keep on trucking through.

This might take me a few days to complete. But the smallest step you take toward your goal, that closer you are to achieving them.

What I learned in this process?

Like I stated earlier, I’m glad I went through this challenge starting from day one and now I am tackling this major task. Because, the other days taught me to be ruthless. What pertinent questions to ask and there is something about once you start getting rid of stuff you have no more reservations about getting ride of more things.

When you live a more intentional life it’s easier to keep your place clear of clutter and to choose only things that are useful and sustainable. Consumerism only killed the cat. It didn’t make the cat thrive. I like to say. The sad thing is, it’s not only the money we have wasted but it’s the fact that we pay with our lives. The time spent working for the money to accumulate things and the time it takes up to keep up with your things. Not using what little time we have on this earth to love and appreciate just being. When you have learned that lesson you have learned a valuable thing.

Today was the last day of decluttering physical possessions. After tomorrow we will be embarking on the last half of this journey which is mental decluttering. I think this area is so important to work on and maintain and I am excited to see where this takes me.

photos courtesy of Unsplash

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