Day 15 Find A Place for Everything.

This is officially the half way mark. congratulations are in order, but first this is the day we put our finishing touches on all the progress we have made. Yes, find a home for all your belongings.

The best tips given are to put like things with like things. There is really no point in organising your life if everything is sprinkled every where. If it’s feasible, put all like items in one spot.

I know there were a few days I had to pull items from one category out of multiple places to begin decluttering them. Well now instead of having this things in one hundred different places, designate a place for them.

If you know you tend to not want to be bothered, then go ahead and cater to your lazy side. Maybe if your like me and read your books in bed. Bring your bookshelf into your bedroom or make you bedside tables bottom drawer your new book shelve. As long as it is feasible it will work.

You can cater to you can’t be bothered self sometimes, but to live the life you want you will have to push your self a tad to make new routines, of putting stuff away in it’s proper place when your done with it. Reward yourself every time you do with a little GO ME! cheer when you have done so. You will see how the brain will start loving those little cheers. Before you know it, much of this will become second nature. Try it and see.

Next up is officially get rid of anything you haven’t gotten rid of yet. Today is the day to donate all those thing to the thrift stores, that you have been meaning to donate them too. Also, toss all the toss-ables, and sell all the sell able. Do the garage sale, take the pics, post them online do all the things you have been meaning to do.

Now finish up any thorough cleaning.

And finally celebrate yourself for getting this far in the challenge get ice cream, make something easy and delicious and sip cool refreshing drink and dance. We are on to the mental decluttering part of this challenge tomorrow, hope your excited as I am!


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