Day 16 Figure Out What Lights You Up.

What brings you great joy?

Today is the beginning of the decluttering you brain or mental space. It would be a great idea to get a specific notebook for this part of the journey a dedicate it to these various mind decluttering tasks.

Brainstorm and get down on paper what brings you great joy. These are the little things in life, the little moments that make you laugh, or even just smile. These are everyday things; like for me it’s quiet time nursing my morning tea. It could be coffee, and sunshine, family time or nice music. Whatever it is that you love and really lights you up, chuck it down on paper.

Your next task is to get super duper specific about the things that spark joy in you. For example: if it is family time what exactly is it about family time? Mine are the deep conversations, I feel they are so encouraging and edifying. I love to learn, so when I gather with my mother and siblings there is so much wisdom to learn and share. I love that vibe of like mindedness. An ambiance of deep thought is my recharge for the week.

For me; I discovered that ambiance is huge in my life, music and candles, warm sun and cool breeze, soft music and the sound of the keypad tapping as I’m typing at the computer. The majority if things that spark joy with me are manifested from the ambiance a peaceful serene environment. I do love the occasional get out and get loud, but I am an introvert so that should explain it all.

If your having trouble finding you spark of joy moments. The next step is to pay attention be aware of moments of pure joy and bliss. Make a mental note, or literally jot it down in your phone or on paper. Even if you can list a few things but you want to find more this is a helpful tip. Be For you know it you will have a longer list then you ever though possible. Joy, it’s there we just have to allow our selves to experiance it.


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