Day 18 Decide Where You Put Your Money

photo courtesy of Unsplash

I never appreciated budgeting, meaning I never wrote it out on paper I just did it as I went along. Whatever I had at the end of the day was what I had. But actually sitting down and allocating what I had into specific pots. I just never took the time out of my life to do that. Now that I have been doing it I can appreciate budgeting much more.

In today’s task I will be:

Evaluating my spending habits

  • Am I actually spending money on the things that bring me joy?

There are 2 must that always go on my budget tracker. Bills and Savings. After having to have an emergency surgery, 10 months ago. I can preach about how vital a savings is and it doesn’t have to be deep gouging. Just set aside, or have it automatically transferred into your savings 10% of everything you earn. Your future self will thank you!

A helpful tip when evaluating where your putting your money, is write a list of your purchases everyday for a week. Then highlight your great purchases in green. Your must do purchases in yellow, like the things you needed and had to buy. Such as wind shield wiper fluid for the car. Then highlight in red the thing you feel you might have wasted money on.

  • Make a list of where you want your money to go.

I made the commitment in my life to eating healthy. It’s no secret that organic and plant based food can be more expensive. But, if your committed that means you have to be willing to pay the price. If there is something that is worth it to you, then make the investment. My return is staying out of the hospital.

My other areas are one piece of clothing or outfit every couple of months or so, to suit my desired personal style. Once a while treating myself to some thing I love, like ice cream or a nice movie. And, a tool or appliance needed for any current project I have going. And any basic necessities.

  • Write down where you don’t want your money to go to.

One thing I used to do all the time was buy cloths cuz it was cheep, but I never wore it cuz I didn’t really like it all that much but it was on sale…80% off! No, I won’t be doing that anymore, thanks.

Nor, will I buy shitty food any more. Thats a promise I made a awhile ago.

I mentioned movies earlier if it’s a movie that everyone at work is talking about, but I’m really not into it. I ain’t doing it, just so I can talk with everyone at the water cooler the next day. If it’s coming out of my pocket no way. That’s one thing I determined in yesterday’s challenge that I just don’t give a care for anymore.

And, there you have it decluttering expenses. I always used to give the excuse that I couldn’t afford this or that. But when we change our perspective and start looking at money in a positive light and how it can benefit you more. You will see the money coming, more than going.

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