Day 21 Show Gratitude

Gratitude is so important, I’ve written on how to show gratitude and the benefits here.

After the heavy of yesterday, today is the day, dispite everything that goes on in life, to find things you can be grateful for. Even the thing that seem so small. Being grateful for the littlest things shows you how much more you can be grateful for.

The more gratitude you show the more things will come in to your life to be thankful for. This state of being thankful, will change even the hard thing for you and make them more bearable to get through. Being thankful in this moment for the best possible outcome, is changing your perspective, not seeing things from the worse case scenario. But, seeing it as a learning experience.

Today is the oppertunity to go on a gratitude rampage. Write down 25 thing you are grateful for. But, in this challenge you must be super specific and each thing has to be different. For example one thing I’m grateful for is my mother who supports me in every endeavour that I take. It’s the support form my mother I’m greatful for and it means a lot to me. Next, I am grateful for the oppertunity to wake up in a peaceful, safe, enviroment. Free from alot of the worries people have for their safety.

Be raw, truthful and honest. Gratitude has the ability to be life changing. But it won’t work if you don’t do it.

The next task is to find more ways you can implement gratitude into your life more. There is a practise many bullet journals do, it’s called a line a day where they write down a line about something they did or experiance in that day. I use this consept to write down one thing I am grateful for every day. Gratitude journals are great. And even just saying a few things your grateful for out loud to yourself is effective too.

I learned in my life that gratitude helps me let things go. I tend to be very analytical and over think things. I’ll never for get at the young and tender age of 14 my first ever then boyfriend said one thing to me that stuck with me, and made me very aware what kind of person I was then and have continued to be. He simply told me “You need to just chill sometimes.”

I heard the words, and I knew exactly what he ment, bit I had no idea how to change it. Even if I shut my mouth, my mind would still be racing. Not until I started practicing gratitude and being greatful for the best possible outcomes in life, did I get my analytical brain to finally hush.

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