Day 22 Cull Your Goals

Goal setting for me, used to be sort of a enemy of mine. If I wanted to do something, I wouldn’t even be able to call it a goal. For some reason as soon as I identified this particular thing I was working toward as a goal. The goal monsters would come out, the goal monsters? You say? …Yes! Goal monster. Those personal, natural disasters that come out trying to prevent you from making any progress toward your goal. The world changes and suddenly anything that could go wrong, goes wrong in every way possible. Last year I got so feed up with it I actually wrote a story about the monsters and it goes like this.

There is a monster in our midst.

I have been fighting this monster, this beast. That comes to destroy all my plans, and thwarts all my earnest efforts to do and accomplish my goals. I’ve never had a time where I could write out all my goals and the monster wouldn’t come to ruin it. One would say you where running so well! And another would ask who influenced you to turn. I would answer the monster, the monster is who got me all jammed up. To where it’s even hard to get back on track. Before I know it, I’m left in shambles, a blooming mess. So I succumbed to the monster. I let it devour all my plans and throw a wrench in all my goals because she was going to win anyway. Alas, I know that monsters name. She comes from the land of self sabotage. A place where just because things are going great, I have to deliberatly mess it up. That monster… her name… is me.

I worked hard on being able to write down my goals and carry them through. I have gotten way better but it’s still a daily struggle.

My task today is to; Write down every goal I have, every thing I have wanted to do, or accomplish, or achieve. Write them in order of importance to you. When your done, highlight just 3 of those goals and work on those only. Only when you have honed those 3, you can you pick the next 3. And if you only have 3 goals at the moment. That’s great! Work on one at a time.

The thing I learned about self sabotage is; it’s easy to do when you expect to much from yourself. But if you scale yourself back and realise that time is an illusion, there is time in abundance to achieve all your goals. Only then can you be the goal monster slayer.

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