Day 23 Define Your Personal Style

In the past I was one of those who bought cloths just because they where on sale. I could ware anything and I did ware anything. But not everything was my style or my taste.

I know I have gone on a full on rant about how things shouldn’t define me. I still stick by my word. But, I also believe that things have energy and one can use this energy to help build themselves up, to be the best version of them self. Or to break themself down, allowing outside forces to kick them while there down.

To me defining my personal style isn’t about being driven by consumerism. It’s about what sparks joy in life. Intentionally building a woredrobe that makes you feel powerful and not defeated. That makes you excited to wake up in the morning and get dressed. Sorry to say as humans we are superficial being. Judgeing each other at first sight. No, what we choose to ware is not about another person, just about as much as it is. Simply because we cannot see ourselves. Unless we are standing in a mirror. But everyone sees us, and we have the power to show everyone what we want them to see, and who we truly are.

The fist task today is to pick 2 words that best describe your style: I went with classic and tailored.

Next choose the colours you like that least: mine is hot pink.

Then we will create a “I don’t ware” list: I don’t really like the peasant look, no graffic tee’s, and nothing frilly.

If what you described for yourself is your desired personal style, create a vision board cut of photos of styles you like, make a Pinterest board and work toward your goal.

Be the most powerful version of you, embrace who you really are and let it shine for everyone to see. I love the quote.

“Don’t dim your light, for everyone else to shine.”

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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