Day 24 Brain Dump

Today take the time to sit and think about everything you need to do, in every area of your life. Including the things you’ve thought about doing. A brain dump is basically a massive to do list.

Usually, it is done to create focus for one task you are trying to achieve, you may have thoughts about the particular project but you haven’t pinned down a particular structure of what you want to do or how you want to present it. So you brain dump or brainstorm all your ideas out on paper. In my younger years I used to be much more organsied and I’d actually use this same process, but call it an outline with highlighted boxes and arrows. But today is the day we will just dump everything your ment to be doing down on paper.

Write down both professional to do’s and personal to do’s, and everything in between. If you need help or prompts to dig those things out of your brain that have been living there so long you forgot they were even there, just Google master brain dump prompts.

Any projects you been meaning to start or have started haven’t completed, any books you ment to read, and additional areas of you life you’d still like to Declutter, any massive renovaation projects. Write it all down. Write it some where where you will revisit is periodically. No point in getting it all out on paper and just forgetting about it again. I’m talking mostly to me.

Sometimes in life, most of the reason why I forget about something in my mental to do list because I really couldn’t be bothered to do it. Or I don’t want to do it. Zero out my email I just can’t be bothered. Declutter my laptop, I just can’t be bothered. But, update our manuals and cataloged at work I really really don’t want to do. I know once I do it or even once I start it won’t be so bad, but it’s more critical thinking than I’m prepared to do right now. I know it sounds silly. But we all have tasks in our lives that as miniscule it sounds, it is a challenge to us.

That’s the point of this brain dump. Get it out on paper, un-plague your mind of all the thing you need to do and or would like to do, and free your self of the pressure. Knowing it’s down on paper makes it easier to contemplate getting it do later. Don’t miss tomorrow’s task this is where the fun comes in.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash and Google

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