Day 25 Simplify Your To Do List.


  • Pick a tool

Choose a space, perfect for to do lists. Be it an app, a note book, a sticky note. Whatever you prefer and is functional for you.

  • Write today’s to do list.

One thing you must do, this will come from our big brain dump that we did yesterday. Then write 2 to 4 things of lesser importance. Finish one entirely before you move to the next task.

Stay focused, avoid overwhelm by breaking that must do task into bite size pieces and only do what you can. If just getting started is all you can do celebrate that you got that far.

I frankly cannot get through life with out a to do list. I often forget what I needed to do, if I don’t write it down. My weakness however is writing down a hundred monumental tasks and overwhelming myself right out of doing any of them.

Being mindful to not bite off more then I can chew has been such a relief. I realise my problem is with time. Thinking I must get every thing done at once is irrational. I now know that I have time, I have plenty of time when I’m focus on what’s going on now. What do I need to do now. The rest will get done.

The joy of life is being easy with it. When we make our plans far to ridged, that’s when we fail to see how much life is offering us. What’s that saying?

“The mind of man has many plans, but The Father in Heaven directs his path.”


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