Day 27 Practise Being Present

Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, really delves into the life changing effects of being present. He takes the reader on the journey of his life only briefly. Because, as he put it to dwell in the past is to dishonor the Now.

One thing that really stuck with me about his writings is that time is an illusion. We get so caught up in thinking there isn’t enough time that we throw away our lives to the consept of time. Live life while your young, meanwhile there is a whole lot of life to live while your older. He bids us to stop worrying about the future because as the holy scripture says tomorrow will be full of worries of its own.

Be present, why? Because there is healing in the present. The are answers in the now. Fully be engulfed in what you are doing in this moment and there will be no time to reflect and be sad or anxiously worry about what’s coming. What’s going on right now is acceptable.

As far fetched as this may seem to some, there is actually something there. While I myself don’t subscribe to every thing written in this book. Being present to me has been very useful and enlightening.

Today’s challenge is to section out some time to be present.

  • Meditate

There are so many benefits to meditation, slowing down the mind just focusing on your breath or on a specific focus. In my experience with meditation, well, it took away the feeling of the overwhelm and inadequacy I plagued my own mind with. It helped me to really realize that I am enough. The funny thing is that when I was able to accept that I am enough, then I began to embrace growth and improvement.

When I devoted myself to being fully dedicated to one thing at a time, I realized my ability to do more, I became more productive. Therefore, life became more fullfilling in my experiance. All as a result of meditation, stillness not thinking or doing for 5 to 45 minutes a day.

The next task is to;

  • Set reminders to be present, throughout the day.

I found the word rumination to be a fascinating word, it means:

Rumination is the focused attention on the symptoms of one’s distress, and on its possible causes and consequences, as opposed to its solutions.

So if you have ever heard the phrase ruminating on the past. Then you now understand that it’s giving your attention to things that are or were in the past.

Being present is not rumination at all, but, it is finding well being in the present moment. I like the app called Head Space that you can actually pre set it to once in awhile tell you, do nothing for 30 seconds. Really, do actually nothing for 30 seconds. See if things get clearer. Thoughts, calm, even problem solving. Great things take place when you can be in the moment at the moment.

And the final task is to;

  • Figure out how to implement meditation into your daily life.

I found my voice through meditation. Realizations like I am capable, I am strong enough. Answers to issues like my fears, I still deal with irrational fear but I deal better now even if it’s just 10% better. That’s 10% more then I have before. I am able to stand in my fear, stillness gives you strenght unheard of, just to be able to deal. That’s the end all and say all for me. If I can deal with what I put myself though, I can deal better with external pressures. I’m learning. And that’s what it’s all about.

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