Day 30 Celebrate!

So we have come to the end of the challenge today, instead of another assignment or task. Let me assign myself to a big old pat in the back. It truly is so important to acknowledge and stand in your great. When you have set out to do something and you did it you completed it. Don’t let that accomplishment pass by as start on to something else. While, yes you maybe moving on to the next thing, don’t just move on. Take the time to realize how far you have come the changes you’ve made and the progress you’ve made and congratulate yourself for it.

No really, congratulate yourself. Celebrate you. Do something for yourself today. Buy your self some roses, make it intentional so you are really embedding the premise if this whole challenge into your being.

Just the other day, I let my anxiety take a hold of me. I think it was the fact that this whole challenge was coming to a close. I worried about what I would do next and allowed it to spiral down into all the things I hadn’t done yet.

I was in awe of the human mind that when we want something so bad and we work so hard toward it, even when we have achieved it, we beat ourselves down because we feel like we haven’t done enough.

Well, I had to gently remind myself that I am enough. I am glad for this celebration day because I needed to remember what all I have accomplished to get this far. The strides I have made in my own life. I should stop looking back on what I hadn’t done in my life or even looking forward, worrying if I will ever do those things. And stand presently in my now. In my greatness.

If I only have two things to celebrate in this moment, it is that I decluttered my whole life, and Blogged my way through it. That is enough to feel well pleased with. I have decluttered my way to living the life that I always dreamed of what and amazing feet.

I decided long ago to no longer wait to start living. So I’m the words of one of the wisest men who lived. Today;

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