End of August

Today was a beautiful end to the month. I got together with my really great friend. We went on a days road trip and did some much needed retail therapy together. Being able to be fully present in every moment of the drive, the shopping, and the great conversation we had, just taking it all in. I found some really nice quality pieces, that I bought with propose and intention. I didn’t just buy it cause it was cheap, even though it was cheap it was also with in my desired personal style and quality of items. I got my mother and I matching rain coats and umbrellas because here in the American South; fall is rainy season. So, this time we are ready.

I rested when I got home listened to a nice audio book, had me time and set up my bullet journal for September. I’ve felt very blessed and in my element today. It’s also true, that the more you are thankful for the more the universe gives you more to be thankful for.

As I bought a few key pieces into my life and it to my wardrobe. I will be decluttering some old items that no longer serve me. Even in the last 15 days I have re-discovered things to declutter and simplify my life from.

So, just as I mentioned during my 30 Decluttering process. This is a way of life. When you live mindfully you are aware of the things the bring you positive feelings more and more.

Where, on day 1, I struggled figuring out if specific items gave me joy. Today, 31 days later. Having a clearer understanding of what I was looking for. It has become easier to identify. The clincher is the feeling may be different for everyone. Basically it’s one of confidence, actual joy, feeling yourself or your best. When we are able to feel or best more often then not; the quality of life raises, even if it’s just a notch it worth it.

As today comes to a close and we say by to August. I will bid a fond farewell. For many years August was a rough month for me. But, I’m so glad I set out to make this month purposeful and intentional.

And as September creeps in on us, and we know it’s the end of summer. And the end of breaks, vacations or holidays. I look to get back to the grind and go in to fall with clarity, hope, anticipation, and gratitude.

Thanks to the last 31 Days…It was great!

photo courtesy of Unsplash and Pinterest

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