Mindful Moments

So just recently, because I feel like I have been alittle bit all over the place I decided to get back into meditating constantly. I wanted a guided meditation, since I couldn’t seem to get my mind to shut up by myself, so I downloaded the app call Head Space. It’s the best one I could find without music. Sorry, that low music all the other guided meditations play are a bit creepy to me. But, this one is nice.

One of the perks to this app is that it gives you mindful moment notifications through out the day. Just think; your at work and your aggravated at everything, even your text message that goes off. Just then you look down at your phone and see this.

Then you remember to stop and just be. Be in this moment. Yes, the past 5 minutes have been testing, but it’s already in the past. What’s going on right now. Is there something you can appreciate right now? A sound, a smell, a taste, a feeling, something you see?

I’ll be honest when the alert came on my phone I was in a bit of a tizzy. The first thought that came to mind was; yes…and I’m gonna die not having ever appreciate any moment of my life. Yeah, I know, that was pretty harsh huh?

And I realized it right away. The self dialogue went about like this:

No, you won’t regret it if you start appreciating the moment right now. Yeah, your right I apologize I didn’t mean to be so harsh. Sometimes I feel like I just give, give, give and no one helps me in return. People help you plenty my dear, look around you what would you do if you had no one to share that wonderful talent if giving with? Ha! You right be a cheerful giver right? Yup, if your doing it with the right attitude and gratitude you will recieve much in return. The universe is watching and waiting to give, give ,give to you.

My day got more bearable when I was more mindful to appreciate even the harder moments. Being able to deal with our emotions is hard but vital but what’s even more important is building or selves up for when the though times come we don’t crash and burn.

Don’t forget to take a mindful moment once while through out your day to check in, and see what really going on inside. The more you practice this, the better you will get at handling adversity when it comes.

Here is one to leave you with:

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