Return to Thankfulness

Today I was reminded about all the many benefits there are to being thankful. It’s not that long ago I was on a thankfulness train and life was never more lovely. I even wrote about it here. Gratitude does work.

Like most things in life, I got derailed. I still can acknowledge when things go well. But I had fallen completely off track with being thankful. Actively acknowledging things to be grateful for and writing them down on paper. Even the harder things, I could clearly see the lesson to be learned and was able to find the blessing in the growth that came from learning the lesson.

So, with an epiphany like that, you would think I would hold on to this act for dear life. I would have thought I would to. But when the daily grind hits and things get to were they seem so outrageous it’s hard to find anything to be grateful for.

I have heard it said before the phrase “when reality hits” and I was about to say that here but, that statement almost becomes irrelevant when you come to the under standing that we make our own reality.It should be phrased “when we allowed ourselves to revert back to an old reality” thankfulness kind of when flying out the window.

This is called a test of resolve, and although it my sound like I failed this test to my resolve. I choose to be thankful. I’m thankful that life let me experiance the bliss in being thankful, and also the contrast in not dwelling on what I can be grateful for.

I found myself to be much more reactive with out gratitude. Everything became this big ol’ drudgery. Life seemed more complicated, and it was like as if I was drawing discord, discontentment and strain into my life.

I’m so thankful I was reminded today that gratitude actually will repel those things from you. So, today I have made the agreement with myself to return to thankfulness. Even the littlest things in life can be made much much sweeter when we can see how much we can be grateful for.

Even in the face of adversity, gratitude can make things much more bearable. Wonderful things enter our lives when we can freely express our thankfulness in everything.

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