Loving Myself

It’s become customary to show appreciation for some one, or be grateful for something, and give thanks for the things that come or are given to us. But how often do we appreciate ourselves? Express gratitude for our strengths? And focus on the things we can do, and be thankful. If your like me the answer is mostly likely never.

I was introduced to a new consept for me, of how the practice self love on a whole nother level. Just like daily Gratitude gives you more assurance that life really has wonderful things to offer. Writing down the thing about yourself that you are grateful for build confidences and self assurance.

It’s not to say it’s ok to be egotistical or a narcissist. Actually the very opposite occurs. The haughty, self-absorbed person actually has a very low self esteem and sense of self worth. In effect he has to use or put others around him down, in order to make himself feel better or worthy. However, the thankful attitude sees her worth, and her value that she brings to the world. She has self esteem and trust herself. Her confidence is not overbearing because being able to be thankful for what her character has taught her how to treat herself, if she wouldn’t disrespect herself she understand how to not disrespect others. In turn making her able to clearly see the worth and value of those around her.

More than anything else we have been conditioned in this world to not see ourselves. When we do we see ourselves as unable and unworthy

we doubt ourselves and we do not trust that we are capable. But, what if that consept was turned on its head what if we focus on appreciating ourselves for our every day little wins. “I’m so thankful that I was able to speak clearly and concisely at our last company meeting. Go me!”

“The more we buy into ourselves the more others will buy into us too.”

Aaron Doughty

My self love is mostly for me, but how I see myself is how other view me as well. Who I am is what I attract into my life. If I were more loving to myself, I would attract more loving relationship into my experiance. A win, win situation.

Not to detract that this can be a difficult thing. After all we are our own worst critics. It’s possible to even be thankful for all the things you may not like about yourself. Because you are now aware of it. You can begin to rewrite the narrative. “I am thankful that I am aware of all my negativity, starting now I choose to look at and be thankful for the bright side.” A person who can do this has found a great power. The ability to change your perspective is the ability to change your life.

Appreciation is akin to love, showing appreciation for yourself, the things you do. The things that make you uniquely you. Will boost your self love and confidence and self trust that will allow you to experiance the life you deserve. Give yourself a fair shake. You deserve it.

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