Ten things I learned in the last ten days.

Some times it’s hard to get out of the rut of life. That cycle that is “oh so familiar.” We, unbeknownst to us have made a very cozy place in complacency, in drudgery and dread. Or stress and strain or in the slums sadness.

Life is a complex thing, something to be learned. Something to figure out but also live. In my quest to figure things out in my own life, I discovered ten things I have learned in the last ten day.

1. When you put your mind to do something you can do it, even failure in some ways is success.

Often in life there has been something that you have been wanting to do, that enriches your life or a skill you have been meaning to learn. You find yourself putting if off till that better time or the “right time”.

If there is that some thing you have been meaning to do like (get back into blogging) just do it. Ripe off the bandaid and do it. Even if you fall flat on your face at least you tried but as the saying goes; if at first you for succeed, try again.

Sometimes we have to fail in order to appreciate when we succeed. If we got everything in the first try where would be the lesson or the appreciation.

2. Acceptance of negative experiences is it’s self a positive experience.

To truly accept something is to let go of any resistance toward that thing. It sounds crazy but when we don’t accept that some times thing aren’t going to be the way we want it, makes going through it easier. I find myself resisting the process when things go wrong. But, we cannot expect the best without a little push back. The key is to let it be.

Pay attention to whatever it is you were supposed to learn. Then let all the rest go. Then you will walk away with tools you can use when life hands you lemons again.

3. Our sufferings are for our growth and greater understanding of ourselves.

When we find ourselves suffering or on hard times we tend to ask or selves two main questions; HOW and WHY. Yes, yes I say because we should ask yourselves; how did we get here? why am I going through this?

As hard as your struggle may be there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and if you listen for the answer, the lesson in your struggle the light will approach you faster.

Struggle teaches you about yourself. I’m the kind of person who is not a people person, until I got a job where I have to deal with people. But in this struggle I learned that I have the ability the listen and understand others but also I learned to take things in stride not set unrealistic expectations for myself and others. In the end the introvert in me has a greater regard for all different kinds of personalities.

4. Perseverance and forbearance

It is inherent in human being that if we try to make change in or lives our lizard brains or the places that are complacent, fight against us and even try it make us want to quit and give up.

But it’s always great to remember that it’s ok to rest, or like I always say “take it down a notch” but, keep being persistent cause all those times you thought you couldn’t go on you still here and your still going on. Go you!

5. Respect your self and your journey; they are both very valuable.

Dispite whatever we tend to believe about ourselves we have all been put here for our own unique purpose. It’s high time we start recognising that we are valuable.

I used to always say I would have liked to have put more effort in school in my high school days. Maybe I would now be a master of something. But, when I said this out loud once, a friend of mine kindly reminded me of what all I do and how far I have come. I began to wonder why haven’t I been able to recognize and value that in myself?

We can be far to hard on ourselves. But if we can acknowledge and appreciate even our smallest accomplishments, we can then see we are deserving of our own respect and value. And when we believe that others will believe it too.

6. It is vital to work on the relationship you have with yourself ; because it is a direct reflection of how you will treat and be treated by others.

Same as the previous, to respect and value ourselves. The longest and one of the most important relationships we will ever have, is with ourselves.

Self love has become a bit of a fad in this digital age, but there are components of it that are vital to living a well lived life. Do well to yourself, so you might begin to know how to do well to others.

To often we seek external acceptance and validation. Self love is seeing yourself and accepting what form you came in. Big, small, quiet, loud. You are you, be kind to you. When you have turmoil with in yourself it often reflects on how you treat others. Take the time to be intrspective and learn about yourself. When you know better you do better.

7. Our problems are ment to be dealt with.

I wrote a piece about how life is a series of problems that demand to be solved. Whether it is to be solved internally or physically life demands a level of consciousness, awareness and decisiveness.

Running from problems doesn’t take them away. Sometimes you have to just stand in your fears. Take the nessesary step in resolving and working on them the best we can but always rememeber you can only do the best you can.

8. Life hands us challenges to build strenght in us; though life is hard you get better each time you try.

The challenges we face on a daily basis are not there to brake us believe it or not. Think of the last time you were faced with something that was challenging weather you handle it well or not you have become stronger.

Remember the quote “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Look at it like working our a specific muscle it’s all pain and sweat at first but you definitely building strength if you don’t quit.

9. Know your worth.

Don’t give your time and energy to things that don’t serve you. It is very easy after a long and taxing day to veg out, to not take care of yourself and let yourself feel low. It’s very easy to get caught up in other peoples drama, gossip and self deprecating behavior.

But, the importance of knowing your worth is knowing what builds you up not brings you down. Surround yourself with people who are uplifting Cause your worth it. Take care of your mind and body because your worth it.

10. Each day that you press on, you make a difference.

Do something everyday your tomorrow self will thank you for. Little things add up to great achievements, remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. So just do it.

Whatever it may have been that you have been meaning to do to make life and living just that much better do it. Now, is the best time you will ever have!

All Photos credit Unsplash

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