What Would You Be Doing If ___ Wasn’t an Issue?

In my self discovery and development I came across this question. The question was originally worded “if money wasn’t an issue what would you be doing?” That question wasn’t so hard to answer. Maybe travel the world. Build my dream home. The sky is the limit right?

But, an even harder question my mind posed to it’s self was; what would you be doing if your greatest barrier, whatever is holding you back, from reaching your full potential in whatever you do…what if that wasn’t an issue?

I thought that was an intriguing question. The thing you feel is holding you back from feeling your best today, or achieving your goals. What if it wasn’t an issue?

Self doubt, fear of failure, embarrassment, feeling unworthy, maybe even fear if succeeding. The list can be a lengthy one of all the things that we place in our own way of success.

After I thought long and hard about what holds me back I concluded that I have this irrational fear. Fear of my own success, of social situations, of saying what I know to be true, of spiders. Yup, you heard it here first. I have an irrational fear of spiders but who would I be if I didn’t.

I read somewhere that arachnophobia; which is the fear of spiders, is actually deep seeded mommy issue. Not that I am any clinically certified professional, but it makes sense.

Mothers who try to live their lives through their child instead of letting the child have his or her own life, mothers that may have been smothering and never cultivated a sense of individuality in there child. These children tend to be afraid of spiders or fear of being “trapped.”

When they grow they also tend to become spiders; themselves trapping people, smothering them, not allowing them to be themselves.

Don’t get me wrong I have a deep appreciation for mothers. It’s the hardest job in the world, and tests you is everyway it’s hard to always get it right. My appreciation goes out to those who give it all they’ve got.

However limiting beliefs can steam from many different experiences in life. Healing comes from with in.

If we practiced pretending that our previous belief of why we cannot do something or another was gone who would we be. Take this oppertunity to dream of your future self with everything you ever wanted, and wanted to become.

When I thought about me without fear, I saw a strong, successful person. Surrounded by like minded, loyal people. A great writer , in the best health of my life, top of all my classes, master of time management and a healthy mental state of mind consistently. I see someone who is generous to others and has an inner light that shines outwardly.

So, I have made these things my life goals that I will continuously aspire to and, one day will be able to reflect that I lived my best life as I knew how.

Share in the comments your “thing” that holds you back and what you see life being like if it wasn’t an issue. I’d love to here your stories.

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